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From: Daniel Chan

Dear Diablo 3 Enthusiast,

You already know what it's like to be obsessed with the most popular and fastest selling game of all
time. I have been playing MMORPGs for the better part of the last eight years, grinding and striving
for excellence in everything I did.

I played through Ultima Online, Lineage 2, WoW and SWTOR.

I've uncovered hidden items, top levels and mind numbing strategies. If this is the kind of greatness
you want to achieve, I urge you to read on.

Nothing prepared me for the brilliance that was Diablo 3. You being here means you understand the
kind of obsession I have with this game and the level at which I have been playing at for the last few weeks.

It's not just a matter of enjoying oneself – it's the chance of becoming something special in the biggest game in the history of gaming. Period.

"The Playing Field Is Now Leveled"

For a while I've been playing Diablo 3 and developing my gold making methods; to date I have been able to reach my personal goal of 1 BILLION gold on my Diablo 3 account (998,124,262 gold) and I know the secrets of doings so again and again. But, with success comes a certain degree of attention.

screenshot diablo3

When people found out that I had more gold than they would ever see in their lifetime, they started to ask me how it was done. I was getting so many in game messages I couldn't enjoy the game as much as I once had.

Spam flooded in from random people I've never met with players randomly trying to add me just to chat with me.

I was initially happy to help anyone who wanted to learn and start making more gold with the same techniques I had been using, but I also wanted to be able to continue playing the game.

I would be well beyond a billion gold at this point if I had a few minutes of peace to use my techniques.

No single player should have all the knowledge and that's why I've decided it's about time to finally share everything I've learned in Diablo 3 with players like you.

Players who have been playing just as long and are tired of banging their heads against the wall endlessly, hoping to finally crack through the thick exterior of grinding and make some serious gold.

"Introducing Diablo 3 Billionaire..."


Diablo 3 Billionaire was born out of a single purpose. I was spending days at a time helping my friends unlock the gold making secrets that had made me rich and while I was happy to do it, I couldn't help but wonder, "what about all of the other guides out there? Why aren't they helping these players make the gold I'm helping them make?" I did some research, read the other guides and started learning what it was that many people think is good gold making advice.

The basic formula was always the same: Use the Auction House, grind for random stuff, do "chest runs" and you too can make up to 200,000 gold an hour.

The bar was set so low I couldn't see underneath it and I knew that I could do better. So, I set out to revamp the entire concept of a gold guide. What you get in Diablo 3 Billionaire is not just another list of things you should be looking for when you grind; it is a comprehensive program that starts with the very basics.

When you played sports in school, what was the first thing you learned how to do? Was it to dunk or throw a curveball? Of course not! No one starts at the top; they have nothing to build off and only risk injury and embarrassment.

The exact same thing is true for Diablo 3 gold making. You cannot start at the top or you will never learn how to do the basics correctly. Sure, everyone can tell you to use the Auction House, but if you don't know when to buy, when to sell, how much to bid, and what items to sell, what good does that piece of information provide? – Then the answer is simple, none.

With Diablo 3 Billionaire, you start with the most basic steps and concepts. Advanced, veteran players will benefit from this approach as they are forced to think about how the fundamental aspects of the in-game economy work before they start trying to make large sums of gold. You will learn which real world economic theories fit Diablo 3 and how you should expect to play the game when trying to make gold.

However, before I begin...

I want to establish what Diablo 3 Billionaire is NOT:

Diablo 3 Billionaire is NOT about rehashed, repeated to
death forum strategies all
packed into one.

With the exception of some of the basics, I guarantee you that
the strategies I am about to share with you are nothing like the
ones you know so well of.

Diablo 3 Billionaire is NOT a magic bullet to riches.

Granted I am not out here to promise you a billion gold from
the milky way and I don't want to insult your intelligence. I
show you how I make my gold from Diablo 3 and like everything
else, it requires practice.

Diablo 3 Billionaire is NOT about farming runs or staring at the AH 24/7 or playing the game 8 hours a day.

You do not need to sacrifice your day job to excel in this game. Hell, I have a full time job as an financial analyst (maybe that's why I'm so good in the Auction House!).

Diablo 3 Billionaire is NOT about using bots, exploits, hacks or cheats.

I am strictly a "pure" gamer. I do not indulge in any activity that will risk my account getting banned. All tips are 100% legal.


I detail all of my experiences from A to Z, every single step of the way with nothing held back.

Here's a sneak peak into Diablo 3 Billionaire-


Learning curves debunked! I cracked the code to getting gold after many endless nights and experimentation. Learn EXACTLY what I do without having to go through the same process as I did. From top to bottom, you will learn the exact locations you should and should not be in Sanctuary, what you should be buying, and how quickly you should be leveling up to reach the greater heights.





Uncover Red Hot Items Within Minutes Using FREE Tools!

The game does not need to be nearly as hard as it appears. Using these free tools that I provide, you will be able to do quick and easy research at a glance, bypassing costly trial and error and wasted hours of grinding.

Pay FAR LESS Than What Your Competitors Are Paying For!

Forget paying the usual Auction House rates for items that you need, want, or can readily resell. Learn where to go and what artisan to train to gain access to top dollar items without spending any more time or money than absolutely necessary.

Maximize your earning potential all the way from 1 to 60!

Forget the guides that only tell you how to make gold when you reach the level cap. Learn here how to start making as much as 80,000 to 100,000 gold an hour when you are only level 10. Jump start your gold count from the moment you start and move leaps and bounds ahead of your fellow players in no time.



At the moment, the few elite competitors you have are using these techniques against you. The question now is whether you want to take advantage and protect yourself from the inevitable onslaught. The gains are monstrous, but the losses are far, far worse for those outside the loop. You have been warned.


Buy Low, Sell High. Oh Really? DUH!

You've heard it a hundred times before, but delve into my plan for massive profits through the art of buying low, selling high at the right time and at the right place.

Know Your Market Like Never Before

Every week brings different prices. Learn which tools will unlock the potential profit in everything you buy and which foolproof methods will turn your methods into profit stacking sessions in the Auction Houses.

When to Buy, When to Sell, and When to Do Nothing

Knowing what to do is useless if you don't know when to do it. Learn how to know exactly what you should be selling and when to sell it in the game.

Learn why selling too many of one item at once will only harm you, and how you can actually hurt yourself by not waiting to sell certain items during a specific time of the month or year.

Every beginner needs a starting point. This basic guide to Diablo 3 will acclimate you to the most essential, basic aspects of the game, building you a strong foundation and allowing you to jump right into gold making without ever having to stop and look something up.

You've been misinformed and misled, force-fed thousands of pages of useless information, the same information that is blocking you from getting the gold you want to amass.

We know you need to use the Auction House. We know you need to farm mobs and level in the right areas. The thought of reading 300 pages of mumbo jumbo turns my stomach. Get the fluff free version and EXACT tips on how I earn my gold.

That's right. I am handing you a super hot gold making technique on a silver platter! If you're relatively new to Diablo 3 then this is going to be a real eye-opener for you. And advanced players, read this as a bonus treat because this is like opening the doors to a cash cow!

Uncover the vast supply of Legendary Items in the game and start making massive profits in the Auction House by reselling them for insane markups. Every Legendary Item is listed in detail along with the best techniques to get your hands on them.

I don't. And to be honest, this is my least favorite way of earning gold. But due to popular request, and for the benefit of those of you who fancy it, here's how you do it the SMART way...

Learn WHERE you should be grinding for the best items in the shortest time, places best for soloing and co-op, how to grab expensive rare and legendary items, and how quickly you can bolster yourself from a poor low level character to a beast on steroids.

And to wrap up this sizzling deal...


Premium Membership Status!

Your very own login name and password, ensuring that every time there is a major patch or update to the game, you are not left behind in your gold making efforts.


Exclusive Tools To Dominate Diablo 3

Login to the private members area and absorb all of the changes, then slaughter the server when the patch hits due to Auction House price fluctuations. 


Never Be On Your Own Again!

Never again will you be left out in the cold when it comes to making gold in Diablo 3. I will practically force you to be at the top of the server for months and years to come.


There's Literally Nothing Else Like This Out There... Anywhere!

I don't say that lightly. But I've looked around. Shoot, I've been around since the launch of beta Diablo 3 in 2011 and I've never seen anything like this available anywhere else for half the quality. Genuine, unsolicited testimonials are already flooding in from new members like yourself!

"One Tip Made 175,000 Gold With Very Little Effort!"

"I just wanted to write in and comment about your site. It's well-stacked with great content that will go a long, long way. I know there's going to be a lot of gold made from players that take advantage of this one...

In fact, I've had some great success using the package... I've turned one tip into over 175,000 gold with very little effort, about an 8 minute run to be exact!

Now that I have it set up, I run it over and over again... And every time I do, it cranks me more gold. Thanks for making your package available it has paid off nicely for me and I'm sure this package will also work well for many others too."

Jesper Tripp


"Made Over 7,500,000 Gold In 2 Days (No Kidding)!"

"Daniel, You already know this but I'll write it down in case you want to use it as a testimonial on your site... Your product ROCKS!

"You hit on the right topics, create quality content and the insider information is just juicy. I almost feel guilty buying it from you. (LOL almost!)

"The last tip you sent out on Halls of Agony made me 7,500,000 Gold in 2 Days (no kidding)! Keep 'em coming, just don't tell anyone else."

Nat Jennsen

Note: This tip was sent out to paid members in the form of an email just after patch 1.02. As these kinds of tips are time sensitive and depend on speculation and patch notes, there is no use including them in the actual guide. (they become obsolete after a week to a month). As a paid member, you will automatically receive these exclusive email tips each time such gold making opportunities arise.


"A Great Team Mate And Mentor"

        Darren Poirer


"My Only Regret... I Just Wished I Had This Before... Way Before!"

When I first used the auctioneer guide I could not believe how sweet this whole thing was! It was step by step, thorough; so fool proof it practically forced me to make gold in game.

My only regret was that I just wished I had this before...way before! Thanks a bunch!

Brad Smith


"Recommended Guide To My Buddies!"

        Emilia Stice


"200,000 Gold at Level 15 Within 24 Hours!"

        Cody Everitt


Case Study From 2 Beta Testers

Shortly after I launched my guide, I decided to do a case study and document the result of players who use my guide. I made a post on my blog to get 2 applicants in (a level 1 and a level 60). They were to use my guide and then play the game for 4 hours a day, for the next 7 days.

And the results?




287,923,012 Gold in 7 Days!

(Note: Players started with gold denoted at Day #0 with no other items in bag or bank)

So, How Much Is This Information Worth To You?

Short answer: The time you have lost in the past, and the potential to claw back the gold you once wanted, before you gave up on what could have achieved.

Because it's a short-cut I am offering, one that has not just a monetary value, but also the ability to free up months of frustration trying to get the right formula. You owe it to yourself to not go through that... don't you?

Listen, as I'm writing this, a 1000 DPS Rare Weapon costs over $300 from most gold sellers. For just a fraction of that price, do yourself a favor, read my guide and never have to worry about gold ever again.

You'll be gearing your game to unheard of levels, I'll show you how to earn up to 60 Million Gold a day. And how much is that gold worth on the Auction Houses?

Well, type in "Buy Diablo 3 Gold" on Google. Currently gold is selling for approximately $290.00 per 10 mil.

Which means every day, you'll be getting 60mil x 290 / 10 mil = $1,740.00

Shocking? Yup, you got that right. 

Because for only $37, I'll teach you everything I know about earning gold in Diablo 3. Take it as you're taking me for a nice dinner and while I take you step by step on how the whole system works.

I'm so rock-solid confident that Diablo 3 Billionaire will be THE ultimate guide to Diablo 3 Riches, that I'll give you my...

"Love My Product Or I'll Give You All Your Money Back" 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee:

Become a member today and see if this isn't the best way to acquire gold. Fire up your game and run it for a full 60 days.

If you're not seeing massive avalanches of gold by then (whatever "massive" means to you), I'll promptly return every penny you gave me. I don't want it. I'm serious in what I do and only want to build my reputation as such.


Yes! Show Me The Private Members Area Now!


Truly The World's First, Only And Most Complete Diablo 3 Package!


What You Get Value ($) Your Benefit

1-60 Gold Making Blueprint


Complete run through of every gold making possibility in Sanctuary. 

Auction House Domination


Be the top dog in your Auction House, making millions of gold every week.

Diablo 3 Basics


This basic guide builds you a strong foundation to jump right into gold making.

Legendary Items Blueprint


Every legendary item in the game, how to get it and how to profit from them.

"Smart" Grinding Guide


Where to be, which items to grind, and what you can expect from each of them.

Premier Membership


Unlike most "guides" out there, I will never leave you in the dark. Every major update included for free with your membership.



Click Here Immediately To Download *Everything* For Just $107.00, $77.00, $37 Before The Price Rockets Up Anytime Now - Without Warning!

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This means that you can receive the whole package at anytime of the day, even at 2 a.m!


To Your Success!

Daniel Chan
The Diablo 3 Billionaire

P.S. Beware of cheap imitations with zero support. There is only 1 real gold guide. No one is as committed to customer satisfaction as I am. My package is the only guide with proven success stories and I am committed to constantly improving the guide with every patch and expansion. Don't use any other guide, leave the cheap knock offs for your competitors while you rake in all the profits!

P.P.S. Keep in mind, if the Diablo 3 Billionaire package doesn't work out for you, you can take my challenge for the 100% Total Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee - that's how completely convinced I am that this guide will work for you! You have no risk so download now!

Yes! Show Me The Private Members Area Now!



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